Open Thread: Redskins Pro Bowl snubs

Open Thread: Redskins Pro Bowl snubs
December 28, 2013, 11:00 am
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Congratulations to Trent Williams for his second straight selection to the Pro Bowl. Hopefully he gets to play this time; last January an incident in a club sidelined him for the game.

Now it's time to get mad!!

On the top of the list of Redskins snubs is Pierre Garçon. His 107 catches lead the NFL but all he gets is first alternate. A healthy Calvin Johnson should get the nod but in 2013, Garçon is more deserving. Even worse, he was even snubbed from's list of worst Pro Bowl snubs.

And what does Alfred Morris have to do to get a trip to Hawaii. He's fifth in the NFL in rushing but he'll have to buy a ticket to get there.

DeAngelo Hall made plays and shut down star wide receivers all year. He might have had more than four picks and three TD's if opposing QB's didn't find many more inviting targets to throw to in the Redskins' defensive backfield.

And while London Fletcher probably didn't play to a Pro Bowl level this year, he perhaps deserved a "lifetime achievement", something to help compensate for the snubs he received throughout his career that made him the "Susan Lucci" of the NFL.

Did we snub any snubs? Let us know what you think!