Open thread: Redskins or Bears?

Open thread: Redskins or Bears?
October 18, 2013, 5:00 am
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Your Friday open thread:

The Bears are coming to town and while they aren't quite as good as the '85 version, they are a very dangerous team. They are 4-2 and they have a revived Jay Cutler at quarterback. They have scored the second-most points in the league this year. They do on offense, they do it on defense (four defensive TD's scored) and they get a boost from their special teams with Devin Hester averaging 30 yards per kickoff return.

Special teams, of course, were the Redskins' fatal flaw against the Cowboys. They moved the ball on offense, they limited the Cowboys' explosive attack, and would have been right in it at the end if not for two long kick returns by Dwayne Harris. It goes without saying that the kicking units need to get things buttoned up immediately.

The best thing the Redskins could have going for them is their home field. The Bears have only played two road games this year, winning at Pittsburgh in Week 3 and losing in Detroit the next week. The Bears are favored by a point as of now but the line has been shifting. 

So who is going to win? I'm going to post my pick later today but I think the Redskins will be able to get the running game going against a Bears defensive line that has been decimated by injuries and that will give them a pretty good shot. On the other hand, I could see the Redskins having their hands full with Cutler throwing to Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey and not being able to keep pace with the Bears.

What do you think?