OPEN THREAD: Ready or not, it's Sean McVay

OPEN THREAD: Ready or not, it's Sean McVay
January 15, 2014, 6:00 am
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Catching up with Chris Nield

Less than a month ago, Sean McVay was the 27-year-old tight ends coach for the Washington Redskins. Fast forward a few weeks, and now McVay is the youngest offensive coordinator in team history. McVay stayed with the team despite the departure of former coach Mike Shanahan and his son and former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

Almost every report on McVay is overwhelmingly positive. Former Redskins tight end, turned radio broadcaster, Chris Cooley had very high marks for McVay:

He had the highest understanding of an offense of any position coach I’ve ever been around. We’d go back and forth in meetings on scheme, why and how. There was always an answer. I love that in a coach. Two years ago I said if anyone becomes a head coach on this staff it would be Sean McVay.

Positive reports on a position coach turned coordinator are not rare, and should offer encouragement for Redskins fans. McVay comes from a football family, his grandfather John served as general manager of the San Francisco 49ers for years, and clearly the knowledge base is there. Like most of the new Redskins administration, Sean McVay has ties to Bruce Allen and the UFL Florida Tuskers. New Redskins coach Jay Gruden and Allen like McVay and targeted him for this position.

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But is age an issue? Will players be able to respond to McVay, who will be younger than some of the Redskins he's coaching? Gruden made clear he will be calling plays, but McVay still plays a huge role for the Redskins offense, an offense that will need to re-establish quarterback Robert Griffin III as an elite playmaker.

Is McVay up for the challenge? Let us know what you think in the comments.