Open thread: Ranking Redskins free agents

Open thread: Ranking Redskins free agents
July 12, 2013, 5:00 am
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Your Friday morning open thread. 

The Need to Know post earlier this week was on the Redskins' pending free agents. There are eight starters who have contracts that expire after this season ends. Brian Orakpo is the one everybody talks about. A couple of offense weapons, Fred Davis and Josh Morgan will be free in March. Add Perry Riley and London Fletcher to Orakpo and three-fourths of the team's starting linebackers will be free agents. So will three fourths of the projected starting secondary--DeAngelo Hall, Josh Wilson, and Brandon Meriweather. And, oh by the way, reserves Rob Jackson, Chris Baker, and Reed Doughty also have expiring deals.

I would put the priority on Rak, Riley and, assuming he has a decent year, Davis. Would be good to keep Morgan but at the right price and I still think you can do much worse than Josh Wilson at CB. The rest I can take or leave.

What do you think?