OPEN THREAD: Is the Pro Bowl worth it?

OPEN THREAD: Is the Pro Bowl worth it?
January 27, 2014, 6:00 am
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In a world where all things the NFL touches turns to gold, one glaring exception persists with the Pro Bowl. The game, which features many of the best players and biggest stars in pro football, holds little significance with most football fans.

Played the week before the Super Bowl, the NFL has tried a few different ideas to improve its Al-Star game product, but the changes have made little impact. This year the Redskins had three players in the Pro Bowl -- Alfred Morris, Brian Orakpo, and Trent Williams -- yet the rabid Washington fan base seemed mostly lukewarm about the game.

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Is the Pro Bowl fixable? Football relies on large, fast men playing the game at a break-neck speed with violent collisions occurring on nearly every play. A sport with such physical requirements is hard to tone down for an All-Star exhibition, and the fan base is smart enough to recognize when players are not giving maximum effort.

But is it reasonable to expect players to give maximum effort in the Pro Bowl? What's the point? Would the NFL be better off setting up a series of skill challenges for various position groups? Or is the Pro Bowl just fine, and the critics need to give it a rest? Do you enjoy the game as is? Let us know what you think in the comments.