Open thread: Practice or vacation?

Open thread: Practice or vacation?
October 2, 2013, 5:00 am
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Your Wednesday open thread:

The CBA mandates five days off for the players during the bye but if it didn't would you put the 1-3 Redskins to work?

Before we get going here, I want everybody to know that the question for today is purely hypothetical. The NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) requires that players get five consecutive days off during their teams' by weeks. Players can't practice, coaches can't coach. The Redskins had a practice/workout on Tuesday and then adjourn until Monday morning.

But let's pretend that the CBA didn't require these days off and that coaches could conduct as many practices as they would like to during the bye. Would you work the 1-3 team more? Would you have them work on tackling, blocking, and other basics? Draw up some new plays and schemes and have them practice them?

Or are you better off letting the players rest, both mentally and physically? It's a six day a week grind for the next 12 weeks, maybe longer. Would you let them get on a plane and go back home to see family and friends for a few days?

Again, purely hypothetical here since Mike Shanahan couldn't make them stick around town if he wanted to. But what would you do if you were in charge and you could?