OPEN THREAD: Orakpo a DE or LB?

OPEN THREAD: Orakpo a DE or LB?
March 4, 2014, 7:00 am
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Mike Florio talks on Brian Orakpo position status

The Redskins ended one mystery when they placed the franchise tag on Brian Orakpo, but that might just be the beginning. In the 3-4 defensive alignment the Redskins have played the last few years, Orakpo lines up at outside linebacker. But at his best, Orakpo is a pass rusher, a traditional defensive end.

Why does it matter? The franchise tag assigns contract values by position. At linebacker, a player is due around $11.5 million for one year. at defensive end, that number jumps $2 million to about $13.5 million. It's not known for sure, but it would make sense for the Orakpo camp to try for the defensive end tag, while the Skins brass will call their player a linebacker. 

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Orakpo plays linebacker, or at least he has since Jim Haslett took over the defense and instituted the 3-4. But pass coverage if Rak's weakness, and if some rumors are to believed, Orakpo could play more with his hand down as a conventional pass rusher in 2014. 

What will happen for Orakpo? Will he get classified as a d-end or linebacker? Where does he belong? Let us know what you think in the comments.