OPEN THREAD: How far have Redskins fallen?

OPEN THREAD: How far have Redskins fallen?
January 20, 2014, 6:00 am
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It may seem like a very distant memory, but on a football field a little over a year ago, the Washington Redskins looked like the better team against the Seattle Seahawks. Washington had a two-touchdown lead on Seattle in a Wild Card round playoff game, and it seemed the Skins would cruise to victory.

Injury befell qarterback Robert Griffin III, and the rest is raw, recent history. The Seahawks stormed back to beat the Redskins, and one year later much has changed in Washington. One coach fired, and a new coach in charge, but the fact remains that just last season the Redskins appeared to be equals with Seattle. And now Seattle is headed to the Super Bowl.

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The 2013 season certainly went bad for Washington with the second worst record in the league at 3-13. But if RG3 can get back to the elite playmaker the NFL saw in 2012, how far away are the Redskins? Seattle's defense controls the game, but Griffin was easily able to move the ball early in that playoff loss against Richard Sherman and the Seahawks. Can the Redskins offense get back to that level?

Suggesting a 3-13 team could go to next season's Super Bowl is silly, but let's ask a more reasonable question: Are the Redskins really as bad as they showed in 2013? Are they as good as they played during a seven-game win streak in 2012? Is the answer somewhere in the middle? Let us know in the comments.

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