Open thread: How confident are you in an RG3 bounce back?

Open thread: How confident are you in an RG3 bounce back?
February 12, 2014, 6:00 am
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Your Wednesday morning open thread:

Yesterday, we wrote about the Redskins' outlook at the quarterback position. In it, we noted that Robert Griffin III is already getting to work to try to improve his 2013 performance and regain the form that make him rookie of the year in 2012. 

Judging the comments on this site and on Real Redskins and on Twitter, talk radio, and other sounding boards for fan sentiment it seems that many Redskins fans believe that a comeback season for Griffin is a given. If he puts the work in, he'll get back to playing the way he did in 2012. The issues last year were one-time things with the knee injury, no offseason preparation, and clashes with the coaches unlikely to recur.

However, there is another faction--I'd say it's the minority, but a strong minority--who are saying, not so fast. Griffin still needs to learn how to operate out of the pocket better, read defenses, and get rid of the ball more quickly. In addition, the injury to his right knee may have cost him a step or two that he'll never regain. This group believes that it will take a two, three years, maybe longer for Griffin to be a top QB again, if he ever will be one.

Where do you stand? Do you believe that an improved RG3 is one thing that the Redskins can count on in 2014? Or is it possible that he will look a lot like the inconsistent QB we saw last year?