Open thread: Half of NFL is on Adderall?

Open thread: Half of NFL is on Adderall?
April 11, 2013, 8:00 am
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This is your morning open thread, something to give everyone a place to comment before our midday post goes up. Possible topics of conversation:

--Seahawks CB Richard Sherman says that half of the players in the NFL take Adderall. But he doesn't, even though he tested positive for it last season. Do you think what he said is correct? If it's true, do you care? And, most importantly, should Sherman just shut up?

--From this morning's Need to Know on Real Redskins, Chris Baker is the 15th-highest paid player on the team. He is a backup and has played 16 games and he'll make $1.323 million this year. Alfred Morris is a highly productive starter who has also played 16 games and he'll make $480,000. Is something wrong with this picture?

Coming at about 11, a look at the long-term picture on the offensive line including how likely it is that they will draft an O-lineman and why a contract extension for Trent Williams is unlikely.

The floor is yours.