Open thread: Draft priorities

Open thread: Draft priorities
April 15, 2013, 5:30 am
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We're 10 days away from the draft, 11 days from when the Redskins get involved in it. Today, Tarik is starting a series counting down the Redskins' draft needs in reverse order of priority. So today, he'll start with the position they are least likely to draft and then to up to the most likely. 

How would you order their draft needs? What is the least important area, the place you draft only if the guy on the board is just too good to pass up? What is so important that you'll reach a few spots to get a guy in that position.

Also coming up this morning I'll have what the Redskins are able to do in terms of moving up or moving down in the draft. Do you think they should look to move up to grab a potential starter, move down to stockpile some picks in what is said to be a deep draft, or stand pat?

This is your open thread, thanks for dropping by.