Open thread: Do you like the Barnett move?

Open thread: Do you like the Barnett move?
August 1, 2013, 4:30 am
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Your Thursday morning open thread:

The Redskins signed inside linebacker Nick Barnett yesterday. The veteran linebacker is 32 and will take the place of the injured Keenan Robinson as the first inside backer off of the bench.

The signing means that either Bryan Kehl or Roddrick Muckelroy will take a back seat and it's entirely possible that one of them won't make the team. 

While we don't have the numbers, it is unlikely that Barnett signed for more than the veteran minimum.

So you think that this signing was necessary in the wake of the loss of a backup player? Or would you rather the Redskins have dealt with the loss of a reserve player by using the depth that Mike Shanahan likes to talk about so much?