Open thread: Cousins for how long?

Open thread: Cousins for how long?
May 16, 2013, 6:15 am
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Your Thursday open thread:

When OTA's start next week, Kirk Cousins will be the Redskins' No. 1 QB as Robert Griffin III watches and rehabs his injured knee. He will certainly be on the roster this year possibly to start the season and/or to take over should Griffin suffer a setback or another injury?

But what about beyond that? Cousins clearly has some trade value and it is widely thought that he will be dealt at some point. But when?

--After this season, Cousins might be at his peak value. Assuming that he performs well in whatever he is asked to do in 2013, he will have two years left on his rookie contract at salaries of $570,000 and 660,000. That would make him a bargain if a team wants to make him his starting QB or even have him compete for the job. But the Redskins would have to find a new backup QB.

--Following the 2014 season Cousins would still have some value but not as much since he'll just have the one year left on his deal. The Redskins would have to weigh that against what he is worth to them for a final year as their backup.

--Or, should the Redskins just get four years as a backup out of their 2012 fourth-round pick and let him walk as a free agent in 2015?

What would you do and what do you think the Redskins will do?