OPEN THREAD: Biggest problem on special teams?

OPEN THREAD: Biggest problem on special teams?
December 24, 2013, 6:00 am
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Shanahan irate about no penalty on punt return

Every week seems to offer a new special teams highlight for the Redskins opposition, and Sunday's loss against the Cowboys proved no different. Dallas signed Michael Spurlock off the street the Wednesday before the Redskins game, and still Spurlock broke off a big run.

It was the first punt of the game and Spurlock took the kick more than 60 yards. Sure he didn't score, but Spurlock made it inside the 5-yard-line and the Cowboys would score a few plays later. This season, it doesn't matter if it's Devin Hester or Michael Spurlock, opposing return men have the chance to star against the Skins.

But why? How can a team do so poorly against punt and kick returns? Is it a scheme thing? Just how much can one punt coverage scheme differ from another? 

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Coaching? Washington special teams coach Keith Burns has caught a lot of heat this season, but should he shoulder the blame? What about the players? Are the wrongs guys on the wrong coverage units, or is effort the culprit on special teams?

Something is clearly broken, let us know what you think it is in the comments.