Open thread: Are you worried going forward?

Open thread: Are you worried going forward?
September 10, 2013, 7:00 am
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Your Tuesday morning open thread:

No question, the Redskins laid an egg last night right on the green, lush FedEx Field turf. The final score of 33-26 was not indicative of the Eagles' dominance.

Please feel free to use this open thread to talk about what went wrong last night. But let's put the emphasis on where is should be--did you see issues that are causes for concern for the remaining 16 games?

  • Was RG3 just rusty and do you have confidence that he'll stay in the groove he seemed to find in the second half? Or does his performance indicate issues that will persist?
  • Alfred Morris fumbled twice after losing the handle just four times all of last year. He also couldn't get rolling on the ground. Do you expect to see more of this or more of the 2012 Alf?
  • The Eagles racked up 477 yards of offense and scored 33 points. Do you pin that on the defense and worry about what the Packers will do to them? Or do you look at the turnovers on offense and the inability of RG3 and company to stay on the field as Philly's frantic pace just wore down the defense in the third quarter?