OPEN THREAD: Is Aldrick Robinson in long-term plans?

OPEN THREAD: Is Aldrick Robinson in long-term plans?
December 18, 2013, 5:00 am
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Brian Mitchell sounds off on Dez Bryant

In his last two games, Aldrick Robinson has perhaps played his best football in a Washington redskins uniform. In two games against the Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons, Robinson has brought in eight catches for almost 170 yards. For the whole season, Robinson has just 14 catches for 318 yards.

So why the sudden outburst from Aldrick? It can't be quarterback, because Robinson performed well with Robert Griffin III under center against Kansas City and with Kirk Cousins playing against Atlanta. One theory, suggested most broadly by CSN Washington's Brian Mitchell, claims that Robinson is finally being allowed to run more than just deep routes. Mitchell argues that intermediate routes for Robinson give him a chance to make cuts against defensive backs while safeties still must fear his deep speed.

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Whatever the reason for Robinson's recent outburst, the question becomes if he can become a real complimentary receiver to clear No. 1 Pierre Garçon. In his two seasons with Washington, Robinson has showed little more than speed. But if he can close the season playing like he has in the last two games, Redskins brass might have to think harder about the former 6th round pick out of Southern Methodist.

Next season, Robinson is on the books for the third-year of his rookie contract. It is often suggested that receivers make their move in their third-year; either they become solid professionals or fall through the cracks.

What do you predict for Aldrick next year? What about the rest of this year? Can Aldrick become the supplemental receiver the Redskins offense needs to support Garçcon? Let us know in the comments!

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