One fact about each team on the schedule, Weeks 1-8

One fact about each team on the schedule, Weeks 1-8

Here one fact about each team the Redskins will face in 2012. Here are the teams scheduled in Weeks 1-8.@ SaintsIts a good thing for the Saints that Drew Brees leads a potent offense. New Orleans was 24thin the league in yards allowed and got just 16 takeaways, 31stin the NFL. When they won the Super Bowl in 2009 they had 39 takeaways during the regular season.@ RamsRunning back Stephen Jackson is working on a streak of seven straight seasons with over 1000 yards rushing. He has played pretty well against in six games against the Redskins, gaining an even 500 yards on 110 carries.BengalsEveryone points to Andy Dalton as the reason the Bengals went from 4-12 in 2010 to 9-7 and a playoff berth last year. But they got pretty good QB play from Carson Palmer in 10. The big difference was the defense. They improved from 24thin points allowed to ninth and went from 15thin yards allowed to seventh.@ BucsPerhaps it was unfair that they fired Raheem Morris as their head coach last year after going 10-6 and just missing the playoffs in 2010 but it was truly ugly at the end in Tampa Bay. After a 3-1 start the Bucs went 1-11. In those final 11 games they gave up more than 30 points eight times. Opponents hung up over 40 on them four times in that stretch, including three of the last four.FalconsQuarterback Matt Ryan has started at least nine game won by the Falcons in each of his four seasons in the NFL. They won 11 in his rookie 2008 season, turning things around from a miserable 4-12 performance the previous season.VikingsWhen the Redskins and Vikings met in Week 16 at FedEx Field, Minnesota put up 33 points despite losing both starting quarterback Christian Ponder and All-World running back Adrian Peterson to injuries during the game. That was their second-highest point total of the season. The Vikings gave up more than the 26 points the Redskins scored nine times last year.@ GiantsNone of the 45 previous Super Bowl champs had been outscored during the regular season but the 2011 Giants gave up 400 points and scored 394 last year. They turned it around in style, outscoring its for playoff opponents 102-56@ SteelersIt looked like the Steelers were teetering on the brink after Week 9 when they lost to the Ravens for the second time to fall to 6-3. But they turned it on after that, winning six of their last seven. They didnt allow the opposition to get to double-digit points in five of their six games after the bye.

Bashaud Breeland whiffs on tee, should not become pro golfer


Bashaud Breeland whiffs on tee, should not become pro golfer

Bashaud Breeland is truly good at a lot of stuff: Covering NFL receivers, looking fresh at the Preakness and making you think with his tweets are just three examples of things the corner is skilled in. 

But on Monday, a video emerged on Twitter that revealed at least one area No. 26 struggles in: golf. Or, to be more specific, making even the smallest piece of contact with a teed up ball in no less than four swings.

Here's the lowlight, captured by Breeland's fellow defender Junior Galette. For any swing instructors out there, this footage could be considered NSFW due to the extreme absence of fundamentals:

At first, the third-year pro's stance isn't all that discouraging. But a few seconds in, someone (probably Galette) says quietly, "This is, I think, the fourth attempt," and it's at that moment that viewers understand what's about to unfold is going to go horribly wrong for Breeland.  

And it, of course, does, as he whiffs on the drive and then nearly turns an ankle on the tee box marker afterward. Defensive coordinator Joe Barry's heart will skip a beat when he sees that part of the blooper.

Here's Breeland's response to Galette tweeting the video:

Unfortunately for the 24-year-old, it looks like he's going to need more practice than 2002 Allen Iverson to fully fix what's wrong with his game.


High school senior takes Redskins cheerleader to prom


High school senior takes Redskins cheerleader to prom

Some people can say they took a cheerleader to prom, but how many of you can say you took a Redskins cheerleader to prom? Stephen Bieber can.

Bieber reached out to Redskins cheerleader Christa Aiken and asked how many retweets it would take for her to go to prom with him. She responded with "At least 10K!!" and the challenge was on.

Bieber did pass the 10,000 mark and to her credit, Aiken kept her word.

Now let's get this out of the way: it appears that Stephen Bieber is not related to Justin Bieber, so it's OK to feel happy for him. That's good, because Bieber did prom right. Not only did he get to take a Redskins cheerleader as his date, he also pulled up in style in a Rolls-Royce.

There was also dabbing:

Not surprisingly, it seems as if Bieber had some competition once he got to prom:

All in all, it looked like a pretty special night for Bieber. Thank goodness my prom days are well behind me because the bar has now been set pretty darn high.


Following James' sad flop, Galette posts his own 'LeBroning' video


Following James' sad flop, Galette posts his own 'LeBroning' video

During Game 3 of the Cavaliers-Raptors Eastern Conference Finals series, Lebron James was viciously elbowed by an out-of-control Toronto opponent. The extreme force from his attacker's arm propelled a tumbling James backward and onto the floor as fans shrieked in horror at the act they had just witnessed. Referees had no choice but to eject the man who initiated the earth-shaking contact from basketball forever, as one of the league's biggest stars writhed on the ground in intense pain.

Wait, hold on a second. A mistake has been made. The entire above paragraph is totally false.

That's the sequence you think would have happened on Saturday night, after seeing this absolutely absurd James flop:

As it turns out, the elbow that sent James sliding was that of his own teammate, Tristan Thompson. Furthermore, the blow simply glanced the Cavs leader on his chin, even though he acted as if he was just bashed in the mouth by an angry Rougned Odor. And because the flop is so ridiculous, Junior Galette wants to make fun of it.

The only problem is, he can't, because one time, he tried to win an Oscar for Best Actor in a Sports Game, too.

Check out what the Redskins' defender had to say on Monday:

The video Galette linked to does in fact reveal that, when he was a Saint, the 28-year-old tried to draw a personal foul penalty by flailing and falling versus the Dolphins. It was a bad attempt. A really bad attempt. So that's why, when people come after the King for his embellishment, you won't hear a peep from Galette.