NFL suspends Meriweather for 2 games

NFL suspends Meriweather for 2 games
October 21, 2013, 6:00 pm
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Shanahan says Meriweather knows how to tackle correctly

As expected, Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather has been suspended by the NFL for  “repeat violations this season of NFL safety rules prohibiting hits to the head and neck area of defenseless players.” The suspension is without pay and it will last for two games.

He will not be able to practice, play, or participate in any team activities until after the Redskins’ games on October 27 in Denver and on November 3 against the Chargers.

The decision to suspend Meriweather comes the day after he was twice penalized for hits to defenseless players in the Redskins game against the Chicago Bears. The suspension is without pay. Two paychecks for Meriweather are worth $141, 176.

Meriweather does have the right to appeal the suspension within three days. An expedited hearing would take place before either Matt Birk, a former player, or former coach Ted Cottrell.

“No matter what I do, honestly, I feel like I’m gonna be in the wrong,” Meriweather said after Sunday’s game. “If I hit you with my shoulder, and I slide up, they’re still gonna say it’s head-to-head. If I hit you too low, I think somebody just got flagged for hitting somebody too low, so I think it all depends on who’s watching it. I don’t think we can be right.”

According to an NFL spokesman, the Redskins will be able to sign a player to take Meriweather's roster spot during the suspension. Speculation centers on safety Jordan Pugh, who played for the team last year and was on the roster until he was released last week.