NFL Mock Draft 1.0: Johnny Manziel #1?

NFL Mock Draft 1.0: Johnny Manziel #1?
February 10, 2014, 11:15 pm
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Welcome to the first of my many 2014 NFL mock drafts here on CSNwashington. The plan between now and May 8 – a.k.a. Day 1 of the draft – will be to provide analysis, insight and gut reactions on what the Washington Redskins might wind up doing as well as the other 31 teams for the first and second rounds.

Expect mock draft updates every other week to start, but the frequency will pick up as we move closer to May or because my boss says so. In addition, there will be posts on specific players, rankings, team needs plus reaction to news and rumors. Cool? Cool.

Now, some details and then, the mock.

• Some of you might be thinking, “why would CSN have the Wizards and college basketball guy talking NFL Draft?” Legit question, which I can best answer with this link (check No. 3 on the right side of the page).

• Johnny Football goes No. 1 to the Houston Texans, at least for now. Fascinating prospect who also offers box office appeal. Whether Manziel’s on-field potential is deemed starry enough for a team to take a shot at those dollars while passing on the other prominent QB talents or South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney is the question.

• As you’ll soon see, at No. 34 the Redskins end up with Tennessee offensive tackle Antonio Richardson. In a perfect world, I’d rather see Washington select a right tackle to protect the RGIII investment, though arguments can easily be made for an athletic defensive lineman, defensive backs, wide receivers and inside linebackers. More on all of this in the days and weeks ahead.

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