Moss wants consistency from referees

Moss wants consistency from referees
December 5, 2013, 11:00 am
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Santana Moss was unhappy with the officiating during the Washington Redskins 24-17 loss to the New York Giants on Sunday night. He wasn’t feeling any warmer or fuzzier about the men in stripes when the spoke to the media on Wednesday.

On Sunday, Moss was steamed because of a key holding flag thrown against him in the third quarter. After the game, Moss said it was “a BS call” and he apparently told the officials on the field the same thing at the time. The good news was that New York did not accept the holding penalty. The bad news was that Moss was hit with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for arguing the call and that cost the Redskins 15 yards and loss of down.

At his locker on Wednesday, Moss took aim at far more than the one holding call.

It’s probably been worse this whole year as a total, not just this team,” he said. “But I’ve watched a lot of football this year. It’s been the worst that I’ve ever seen.”

Moss has seen a lot. He is in his 13th NFL season.

In particular, Moss took aim at what he said was the inconsistency in how what a catch is gets called.

“You’ve got guys that’s catching balls and they take two steps and they get tackled,” Moss said. “The ball come out after they hit the ground. It’s no good. And you have another guy do it the next week, he gets the catch. Come on. Somebody have to change that rule.”

While the NFL might not like what Moss said and could potentially fine him for it, it’s hard to the league to make the case that officiating has been above reproach lately. Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino has been busy lately issuing statement admitting high-profile errors.

One took place during the Redskins-Giants game when the first-down chains were incorrectly moved during a Redskins possession in the last two minutes. Washington ran a play thinking it was first and 10 when it was actually third and one. Blandino said that referee Jeff Triplette should have stopped the game and corrected the chains.

The other was on Thanksgiving night in Baltimore when Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was on the field of play and interfered with a Jacoby Jones kickoff return that may have gone for a touchdown. Blandino said that there should have been a 15-yard penalty assessed on the play because Jones did have to change his path to avoid Tomlin.