Moss: 'One individual game at a time' mindset is critical

Moss: 'One individual game at a time' mindset is critical
November 13, 2013, 2:45 pm
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With the Redskins sitting at 3-6, a major topic of conversation among fans and the media is how many games the Redskins need to win the rest of the way out to stay in playoff contention and if the Eagles game is one of the games that they must win.

But players are having none of that. It’s all about the cliché of one game at a time.

“We know we can overcome but at the same time we can't be sitting here [saying], ‘oh, we've been here before,’” said Ryan Kerrigan. “We've just got to focus on one game at a time and that's what we're doing.”

It certainly makes sense for them to have that mindset. They can’t tear off a seven-game winning streak this week and they can’t even think about a streak until they’ve won their next game.

“One individual game at a time,” Santana Moss reiterated.

Moss understands the “must-win” questions but he says that the team can’t think that way.

“People in the media world get caught up in trying to point out what game is a must and what game isn't,” he said. “Every game that we play is a must to me.”

“For this particular game, we're just sitting in a state we don't want to be in. At 3-6, everybody's going to ask you that question every week--is this game a must, is that game a must. You know the answer to that, you know the real answer to that but psychologically we can't go into games thinking like that because we can't get ourselves a chance to go out there and think freely about what we have to do for our job. So our main job and our focus is taking care of our business right now, throughout this week of practice and then go into the game and execute better than those guys.”

That frame of mind got them through their seven-game roll to the NFC East title so there is no reason why they should change. 

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