McVay says he'll coach QB's

McVay says he'll coach QB's
January 21, 2014, 9:45 am
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Jay Gruden eager to get started as Redskins head coach

It appears that the Redskins have their quarterbacks coach. Offensive coordinator Sean McVay will pull double duty and coach the QB’s this year.

Don’t worry, he’ll have time to do it. He told John Keim of ESPN that many of the duties that normally fall on an offensive coordinator will be handled by head coach Jay Gruden.

“It’ll be one of those deals where I help Jay wherever I need to fill in,” he said. “I’ll coach quarterbacks this year too. Jay will be the offensive coordinator and call the plays. But my job is to help as much as I can to implement the game plan.”

Some would like to have a full-time QB coach for Robert Griffin III as he enters a critical season in his development. But Gruden, a former quarterback, will spend a great deal of time with Griffin and, if he is not traded at some point, Kirk Cousins. A third voice in the form of a quarterbacks coach in the ears of Griffin and whoever his backups are may be one too many.

As McVay continues to learn the ropes and takes on more responsibility in the offense a QB coach could be hired at some point in the future. But for right now, less may be better.