McNabb has advice for Robert Griffin III

McNabb has advice for Robert Griffin III
June 2, 2013, 9:45 pm
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Donovan McNabb likes to comment on the Washington Redskins, it appears.

McNabb - who played one subpar season for Washington in 2010 – recently spoke out about Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. 

In an interview with The Washington Post, McNabb said that Griffin is in the spotlight too often, setting himself up for criticism. McNabb called Griffin’s exposure level “too much, it’s just too much.”

An outspoken critic since his playing days ended, McNabb offered to sit and meet with Griffin to counsel him on avoiding the pratfalls that can come for young, famous quarterbacks. 

McNabb went so far as to say he would like to meet with Griffin and his father, and McNabb would bring his dad along too.

It’s tough to determine what of McNabb’s advice comes from a good place. 

The former Redskin, Eagle and Viking had a public falling out with Redskins coach Mike Shanahan, and some may wonder if that would impact his comments for RG3.

Coming off knee surgery, Griffin has been very visible at Redskins Organized Team Activities despite not being able to participate, holding weekly press conferences.

McNabb does not think Griffin should be so available while he is rehabbing from the injury. McNabb called the weekly media sessions “a circus, a sideshow” and that it takes away from the players that are on the field practicing.

In Philadelphia, McNabb explained that former coach Andy Reid did not allow hurt players to become a major story in the media.

The demand for Griffin seems insatiable. When OTAs began, ESPN cut live to Griffin merely throwing the football at the Redskins practice facility. 

Since his sensational rookie year ended with the knee injury, Griffin has still made much news. 

Twitter seems to be the main source of contrived controversy, as Griffin has tweeted about political correctness and a picture of himself in front of wedding gifts that Redskins fans sent to him. 

 McNabb called tweeting the picture in front of the gifts a bad decision, and suggested that when Griffin has spare time he should use it to get to know his teammates.

Despite the criticism, McNabb said he is a “big fan” of RG3, and just wants to offer advice.

Griffin’s face is often seen on TV, as he is the spokesperson for a bevy of consumer products. He’s in numerous commercials, which McNabb did also. 

Calling Griffin “the future” and conceding that “everyone” is talking about RG3, it seems McNabb contradicted his own argument.

The demand to look at and listen to RG3 creates the need for extensive media coverage. 

If everyone is talking about Griffin, like McNabb says, then likely everybody wants to hear what RG3 has to say too.