Kyle Shanahan: RG3 sharper today

Kyle Shanahan: RG3 sharper today
August 15, 2013, 5:30 pm
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How did RG3 look in Day 2 of his full return?

RICHMOND—Robert Griffin III’s second day of participating in team drills was sharper than his first. 

At least that’s what Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said after Thursday’s practice 

Griffin took 21 total snaps in 11-on-11 drills, up from the 16 he took Wednesday. He was also more accurate, completing 14 of 15 pass attempts on Day 2, up from 7 of 10.

Indeed, Griffin looked sharp. His only incompletion was an off-target bullet to Pierre Garçon on an out pattern. 

“It’s just a process of getting back,” Kyle Shanahan said. “Robert works as hard as you can work. You can’t work harder than that. He’s done his rehab the right way, and that’s why he’s been able to come back so much earlier than expected.”

Shanahan added: “Now, it’s just a grind of getting back, getting the rust off and getting him as many reps as possible without jeopardizing anything. He’s doing that. When you’re out for a while, you start off rusty. And I thought today was a lot better than yesterday.”

Although being sidelined for the offseason program dealt a setback to Griffin's development, Kyle Shanahan said Griffin compensated for the time off by being diligent in the classroom and on the sideline, where he took “mental reps” while watching Kirk Cousins run plays in OTAs and minicamp.

“Robert has done as good a job as you can of taking the mental reps, and having a whole of offseason to study film and watch, I think he sees the game better,” he said. “Now it’s just about getting those reps so he physically can adjust to what I think his brain is seeing a little bit better.”

Shanahan also said the injury has forced Griffin to concentrate more on refining his technique and mechanics.

“He can’t just come out there and go as hard as he can,” Kyle Shananan said. “He’s slowing everything down and is really focused on his technique and focused on his mechanics. I think he worked at that throughout his whole rehab session. I see it getting better.”

Griffin is not scheduled to play in the preseason and, in all likelihood, will not. So he’s going to have get ready for Week 1 with practice, and practice only.

Kyle Shanahan doesn’t think that’s going to be a problem.

“Our practices are full go,” he said. “No one tackles the quarterback anywhere in the NFL. So you can’t simulate him actually getting tackled and taken to the ground. [But] our guys rush pretty hard. Guys get stepped on all the time in there even though guys aren’t hitting them. You saw what happened to [Patriots quarterback Tom] Brady yesterday. That happens a lot in football, and so you do have to move and react even when they’re not hitting you. And that’s why the head coach was so hesitant to get him out there right away in team drills. In practice, you can simulate a lot.”