Kyle says RG3 will be fine if he has to learn new system

Kyle says RG3 will be fine if he has to learn new system
December 27, 2013, 10:45 am
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It seems unlikely that Kyle Shanahan will be around to coach Robert Griffin III this offseason. A new coaching staff will mean that Griffin will have to learn a new offensive system. Some have expressed concern that Griffin may struggle if he has to spend an offseason working on new plays and terminology rather than honing his skills working in the current system.

But Shanahan expressed confidence that Griffin would be able to pick up a news system without much difficulty. In fact, he says, systems don’t matter that much.

“Robert’s a smart guy,” the Redskins’ offensive coordinator said on Thursday. “Robert’s going to be able to learn any system that someone gives him. I think systems are a little bit overrated. This isn’t physics or anything. It is football and it can be tough if you don’t work at it, but Robert works at it. He’ll give it his full effort and if you do that you’re going to pick stuff up.”

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For Griffin, it will be a matter of getting back to basics.

“I think it’s just about improving yourself from technique standpoints, seeing the game, reps, and just getting more comfortable with whatever it is that’s asked of him,” said Shanahan.

It seems odd to have a coach whose stock in trade is designing offensive systems and teaching them to players say that systems aren’t important. But he is right to point out that if you don’t have smart players who will work on mastering your system you have nothing.

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It also was the second time in two weeks that Shanahan has dished out high praise to Griffin. Last week he talked about the quarterback being very “coachable”. Perhaps he want to repair any rift there may be with Griffin if he is indeed on his way out the door.