Kyle: Hurry-up doesn't fit Redskins' scheme

Kyle: Hurry-up doesn't fit Redskins' scheme
September 14, 2013, 1:45 pm
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Although Kyle Shanahan was impressed with the Eagles’ fast-break offensive scheme don’t look for the Redskins to adopt something similar anytime soon.

“It looked good,” he said when asked how he viewed the Philly attack from the sideline. “It looked like it has in college that I’ve watched for a few years. It looked like kind of what we expected.”

Kelly brought the scheme with him from Oregon where his Ducks ran up some big scores with his “more plays equals more points philosophy.”

Shanahan noted that it helps when you have some fast players who fit such a scheme perfectly.

“It’s always scary watching Michael Vick and [running back LeSean] McCoy out there because they’re as good as it gets,” he said.

If Kelly’s hurry-up offense is successful, the copycat NFL could have teams imitating it before the season is out. But Shanahan said that the fast pace of play doesn’t fit what they do offensively.

“My philosophy on offense is just execution, and it depends on what your scheme is,” he said. “Their scheme, their whole thing is built on tempo. They’re not running the two-minute drill. They’re running what their scheme is at a hurry-up pace. When we’ve gone no-huddle, it’s not our offense. It’s a two-minute drill.”

Shanahan wouldn’t specify but it stands to reason that one aspect of the Redskins’ offense that would not mesh well with trying to run off snaps every 20 seconds is their zone blocking running game. The offensive linemen do a lot of running on those stretch plays and getting to the second level. Having them line up play after play without a breather in between is a recipe for wearing out your guys well before the defense gets tired.

“Their offense, the plays they run, is a no-huddle package,” said Shanahan. “They do a good job executing those plays. It’s something that if you can fit what your scheme is into it, it’ll always give you a bonus, but it is sometimes hard to fit a scheme into just a hurry-up tempo.”

At least for the time being, it doesn’t look like Shanahan has any plans to fit the Redskins’ scheme into a fast-paced tempo.