Kirk Cousins: I've shown a lot of what I can do

Kirk Cousins: I've shown a lot of what I can do
December 29, 2013, 6:15 pm
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Kirk Cousins: "I've shown what I'm capable of"

East Rutherford, N.J.—Kirk Cousins’ trade value likely took a beating after his ragged performance in Sunday’s 20-6 loss to the Giants.

The second-year quarterback completed only 19 of his 49 pass attempts for 169 yards on a chilly, rainy afternoon in the Meadowlands. Cousins was also intercepted twice and lost a fumble as his record fell to 0-3 as a starter this season. 

In recent weeks there had been talk of the Redskins potentially being able to trade Cousins this offseason for a second round draft pick. That talk, however, might have been premature.

“I think I’ve shown a lot of what I can do,” Cousins said. “I think I’ve been given an opportunity in all kinds of situations, from two-minute drills to rain games and everything in between. I think I’ve shown what I’m capable of. I think there’s more there. Obviously, it would help if I was with a team for a long time, had a chance to really build up a team as their leader, as their quarterback. But, we’ll see. Other teams, they can evaluate the film, do what they want.”

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Cousins added: “I’m a Redskin, and I’m excited to have this role here. [I'll] just try to do my best in my role as a Redskin.”

Since replacing Robert Griffin III three games ago, Cousins has completed 53-percent of his 130 pass attempts, tossed four touchdowns and been picked off five times. He’s also lost two sack-fumbles.

But Sunday’s defeat at MetLife Stadium was his toughest challenge yet. Not only did the Giants have a better defense than the Falcons and Cowboys, the game was played in a steady rain in a half empty stadium.

“The elements were tough,” he said. “It never let up. At one point later in the game I was shaking. There’s only so much you can do. The ball kept getting heavier and heavier as the game went on. My cleats were full of water. I felt like I was walking in puddles the whole game. So you had all those challenges to deal with; that’s part of the game.”

Cousins also felt like his fumble—Justin Tuck hit his arm as he released a pass—should have been ruled an incomplete pass.

“I felt like my arm was moving forward,” he said.

It wasn’t at all how Cousins envisioned his final audition going. But now he said he’s looking forward to recharging after a hectic couple of years.

“I need to rest,” he said. “I feel like I’ve been go, go, go for several years now. It’s tough to rest after a performance like that. All you want to do is work and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

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