Kerrigan was all in to try his hand at sportscasting

Kerrigan was all in to try his hand at sportscasting
July 19, 2012, 3:45 pm
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Ryan Kerrigan came into the Comcast SportsNet studios this week to prepare to do a stint as an anchor on the station's Geico SportsNet Central newscast. We talked to him after he had finished his first dress rehearsal:How did the dress rehearsal go?
It went all right. I mean, I botched a few lines but thats to be expected the first time. Overall I think I did all right. I just need to focus more on the prompter than on the notes in front of me.What made you decide to come down to the studio and do this?
Ive been a big fan of sports growing up and I thought it would be cool to be a sportscaster and work as an anchorman. Redskins PR staffer Daniel Sampson called me last week and said weve got a chance to do something with Comcast SportsNet. I was like, Im in. It was a good chance to get some experience at something like this.Did you major in communications at Purdue?
No, I was a math major. I was a communications major the first year and a half then I decided that math was more up my alley.Was it what you expected?
Yes, I knew I was going to make some mistakes and I knew it was going to be hectic once the cameras came on. We were moving full speed so I knew it was going to be hectic so it was what I expected.Is sportscasting something you might want to do later in life?
A little bit, yeah. I just want to get a barometer for where Im at. Thats why this was such a great opportunity for me because I can put something out there and see how I do. Im really thankful for Comcast SportsNet letting me do this.Click here if you can't view this video on your device.