James Andrews: RG3 is 'superhuman'

James Andrews: RG3 is 'superhuman'
March 23, 2013, 3:30 pm
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Dr. James Andrews broke out a couple of new nouns, adjectives, and comparison to describe how well Robert Griffin III is recovering from knee surgery.

Andrews, who performed the reconstructive surgery on Griffin’s right knee a little over 10 weeks ago, told ESPN that the Redskins quarterback is “way ahead of schedule” in his rehab.

“His recovery has been unbelievable so far,” said the famed orthopedic surgeon.

“RG3 is one of those superhumans,” he said. “The first patient I had like that was [Raiders running back] Bo Jackson. And then recently, of course, I’ve had [Vikings running back] Adrian Paterson. They have an unbelievable ability to recover where the normal human being may not be able to recover.”

Andrews treated Jackson for a 1991 hip injury that ultimately ended both Jackson’s Raiders career and his career with the Kansas City Royals. Peterson had a better recovery, playing for the Vikings about eight months after ACL surgery and rushing for over 2000 yards for the Vikings this past season.