How valuable is Brian Orakpo?

How valuable is Brian Orakpo?
October 16, 2013, 4:15 am
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Your Wednesday morning open thread:

Brian Orakpo was the Redskins' first-round draft choice in 2009. He was selected to the Pro Bowl as a rookie when the tallied 11 sacks. The future seemed very bright then.

As it turns out, the future was, well, pretty good. Those 11 sacks as a rookie stand as his career high. After three years at linebacker he has yet to intercept a pass or score a touchdown (his opposite number, Ryan Kerrigan, has two of each). He hasn't fallen off the face of the earth but he also has yet to become a dominant defensive player for longer than a game or two at a time. After suffering a couple of issues with injuries to one of his pectoral muscles, Orakpo seems to be healthy.

So how valuable is Orakpo to the Redskins? Use whatever scale you want, 1 to 10, good to great, invaluable to disposable. 

This, of course, will be an academic exercise. But the Redskins' decision makers will have to determine his value in dollars after the season is over. His contract is up and there seems to be every indication that they will want to bring him back. But at what price? Players who can rush the passer, even if they aren't dominant in all areas, tend to get paid well. Should the Redskins do whatever it takes to bring him back? Or should they put a reasonable offer on the table and stick to it?

Is Rak a cornerstone of the franchise or a replaceable part? 

Lots of questions, hit us up with your answers.