How many wins for the Redskins?

How many wins for the Redskins?
July 25, 2013, 4:00 am
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Your Thursday morning open thread.

We turn to a new page in the calendar as the Redskins gear up for training camp. All things seem possible, especially for a team that is coming off of a playoff season that surprised many. 

So, simple question--how many games do the Redskins win in 2013? Can they improve on their 10-win season? Or will a tough schedule and other factors force them to take a step back?

I'm putting the over-under at 10.5 wins. I'm discounting the hard schedule talk. There are some hard games but for every one of those there is one with the Raiders or Chiefs. RG3 will give them a chance in every game. But I don't see them making a huge leap into 12-win territory unless they are extremely fortunate. 

What do you think?