A hint to Jackson's new number?

A hint to Jackson's new number?
April 2, 2014, 6:45 pm
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Sometimes you see tweets that make you think, hmmm. 

Redskins wide receiver Aldrick Robinson, who has worn No. 11 since coming to the Redskins in 2012, tweeted the following this evening:

Why might that make you think, hmmm? The newest member of the Redskins is wide receiver DeSean Jackson. He wore 10 with the Eagles but that number is currently in use by Robert Griffin III. And despite some good-nature joking on a conference call with reporters today, business reasons if nothing else ensure that Griffin will not giving his number to Jackson. 

Jackson wore No. 1 when he was in college at Cal. The NFL doesn't allow single-digit numbers for wide receivers so 11 (10 + 1) might be a logical pick for Jackson.

So perhaps Robinson got a phone call about changing his number to clear up 11 for the star receiver. 

I'm sure that Washington will be on the edge of its collective seats waiting for this issue to be resolved; stay tuned for more details.