Have NFL refs gone rogue?

Have NFL refs gone rogue?
December 17, 2013, 4:45 pm
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Have refs gone rogue?

First it was the Redskins’ Trent Williams complaining about a game official making inappropriate remarks to him. Now we have Vikings wide receiver Jerome Simpson saying the same thing.

Last month, umpire Roy Ellison was suspended without pay for one game after Williams said that Ellison called him “Garbage a--, disrespectful mother------”. Other players backed Williams’ account of the incident.

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Simpson was not as specific about the incident that happened on Sunday in Minnesota’s game against the Eagles. He did not quote what the official said to him nor did he identify the man in stripes who supposedly said it.

“There were some questionable things, what the ref also said to a couple of our players,” Simpson said. “I won’t go into that. It was kind of some stuff, controversial things that he said to a couple of our players. . . . It wasn’t good what he said. But I’ll leave it at that. I’ll let him live.”

Simpson does not plan to file a complaint with the league office over the incident, which happened after he drew a flag for taunting.

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This has not been a good year for NFL officials. In addition to the Williams-Ellison incident, referee Jeff Triplette has made two major gaffes, one involving how he handled the chains being misplaced in the Redskins-Giants game and another blunder involving a replay reversal when the Bengals played the Colts. And in New England, referee Clete Blakeman picked up a flag thrown at the end of the Patriots’ game with the Panthers without explanation.

And all of that was just in November. Now we have the Simpson incident in December. You get the feeling that there could be some very costly errors committed in January, when a mistake could mean an unjust elimination the victimized team.

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