Haslett thinks the Redskins can do it again

Haslett thinks the Redskins can do it again
November 14, 2013, 2:00 pm
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Haslett feels Redskins can make another run

Jim Haslett thinks that the Redskins can do it again.

While most of the players and other coaches are using only the “one game at a time” mantra when asked about the possibility of rallying from their current 3-6 record to make the playoffs as they did last year, the Redskins defensive coordinator was willing to take the longer view. He thinks that the team is in the proper frame of mind to put on a late-season run to challenge for a playoff spot.

“I think our guys believe they can do it again,” he said on Thursday. Haslett recalled that last year when they were 3-6 he predicted that they would go on a run. He has the same feeling now.

“I said it last week, I said, ‘I feel good about where we’re at. I love the way our guys practice and they’re into it. Teams that are going downhill don’t practice the way we practice. Those teams are negative. We don’t have that here.”

He has drawn encouragement from the way his defense has played at times but he said that consistency is the biggest challenge.

“We’ve done it on defense—a good half here a bad half there, good three quarters here, bad quarter there,” he said. “So we just haven’t put it all together. I think once as a team we get one of those, we get it together, then you can get things rolling.”

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