Hall: 'We've got to keep fighting'

Hall: 'We've got to keep fighting'
September 16, 2013, 2:00 pm
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The Redskins’ problems on defense are easy to identify.

The solutions to them are not, according to the two of the senior members of the unit.

“We've got to keep fighting,” said corner back DeAngelo Hall, playing in his 10th NFL season and his sixth with the Redskins. “We've got to keep fighting, we've got to keep playing.”

London Fletcher, the defensive captain is in his 16th NFL season and seventh with the Redskins, was equally at a loss for a concrete explanation of the performance of a defense that is last in the league in yards allowed.

“Each man has to look at himself in the mirror, look at the film, be tough on yourself, see what we need to do better collectively and individually,” he said.

As noted, the problems are easy to identify. According to Pro Football Focus, the Redskins have 30 missed tackles in their two games. There were multiple missed tackles on some plays.

“Tackling has been a major issue for us, a major disappointment for us, particularly space tackling,” said Fletcher. “Teams are spreading us out and forcing us to make tackles in space so we have to get better at that, get more guys to the football.”

Hall agreed. “The tackles we missed yesterday were just routine tackles that we've got to make in this league,” he said.

After yesterday’s game, quarterback Robert Griffin III said that he might need to become a tougher, sterner team leader. Hall didn’t have an issue with that but he was unsure of how much good having a fiery leader would do.

“We're not in a Hollywood movie where you're going to hear a speech and all of a sudden guys are going to play harder,” he said. “Guys have to want to play hard.”

“There's no magical call that's going to get us a win or get us an interception, we've just got to go out there and do it,” he said.

Fletcher is not a believer in easy answers, either.

“I don't think you can throw a little magic dust out there to solve all,” he said. “I think it's going to take a collective effort by everyone in this locker room, by everyone in this organization to say, hey, it's a race to get better, we have to get better this Sunday.”

However it gets done, Fletcher said, they just have to do it.

“We have to be extremely hard on ourselves and try to get better,” he said. After thinking for a quick moment, he modified his statement.

“We have to get better, not try, we have to get better.”