Hall still appealing fine from Steelers game

Hall still appealing fine from Steelers game
December 20, 2012, 4:30 pm
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Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall is still fighting the $30,000 fine he received after being ejected from their game in Pittsburgh on Oct. 28.

He told The Washington Post that the ejection and fine were for profanely threatening to kill official Dana McKenzie near the end of the Redskins’ loss. Hall denied that he did what he is being accused of doing.

“Yeah, he said that’s what [drew] the flag for the ejection,” Hall said. “And so, you know, that didn’t happen. That should have never happened, and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. There’s just a lot of things that are unresolved with that case that have to be resolved.”

Hall also expressed displeasure with the system that gives a great deal of the authority to determine discipline to commissioner Roger Goodell.

“Any time you’ve got one person that’s the judge, jury and executioner — he makes the fine, then he hears the appeal, then he decides the amount — it’s just tough. It’s just tough,” Hall said.

Hall recognized that the authority for the commissioner to have such authority comes from the collective bargaining agreement the players OK’d last year.

“The CBA we agreed on probably wasn’t in the best interests of the players, from my viewpoint,” said Hall.

Hall thinks that he should have hired an attorney to handle the appeal of the fine and he still may decide to bring one in.

Meanwhile, he remains frustrated as things proceed.

“I still don’t know what the hell’s going on,” he said. “But it’s a process, I guess.”

It does seem a bit odd that Hall, who is making a salary of $7 million this year, would be talking to a reporter about this matter while the team is fighting for a spot in the playoffs. The Redskins have not been to the playoffs since 2007, the year before Hall joined the team. 

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