Gruden will have role on personnel but Allen has final say

Gruden will have role on personnel but Allen has final say
January 10, 2014, 9:15 am
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While Redskins general manager Bruce Allen says he’ll have the final word on personnel decisions going forward, he revealed on Thursday that new head coach Jay Gruden will be “really” involved in the process.

“What’s really great about where Jay came from, Cincinnati, is the coaches were really involved with the personnel process,” Allen said at Gruden’s introductory press conference. “We’re going to make our selections based on the Redskins’ choices. The scouting department will give us the players and the lists and we’re going to work through the coaches and analyze it. At the end of the day, every one of the players will be chosen by the Redskins as a group. Jay and I talked about how we wanted to do it, and it really is going to be a group effort.”

The last four seasons, Mike Shanahan, who held the titles of head coach and executive vice president, had final say on personnel decisions.

From the sounds of it, those decisions will now be a collaborative effort between Allen, Gruden, director of pro personnel Morocco Brown and director of player personnel Scott Campbell.

The only question, it seems, is exactly much power Gruden will wield in the meetings where personnel decisions are made.

“I will be involved in personnel decisions,” Gruden said. “It’s going to be about a lot of different people [being] involved in it. We’re not all going to agree all the time, but the big thing is to make sure we hear each other out in a calm, cool fashion, and as long as everybody has the team’s best interests at heart, we will come to an agreement on personnel decisions. That won’t be an issue.”