Griffin returns from bye rejuvenated

Griffin returns from bye rejuvenated
November 14, 2012, 6:15 pm
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Robert Griffin III used the bye week to clear his mind and, as a result, says he returned to Redskins Park rejuvenated and eager to begin the stretch run. 

The rookie left the area for a few days but wouldn’t share where he visited.

“I didn’t go back to Texas,” he said. “I just tried to get away from the familiar, so I went away.”

Wherever Griffin vacationed, it provided him with a mental break from the “grind” of the NFL's 17-week regular season and the Redskins’ season threatening three-game losing streak. Griffin also said the rib injury he sustained in the loss to the Panthers no longer is a concern. 

“You just try to make sure you clear your head and don’t get frustrated with anything,” said Griffin, who was voted a team captain on Wednesday. “You continue to do what you did to get to get to this point, whether it’s technique, film work, just trying to approach every practice like it’s your last practice. Those are the things I tried to do: clear my head, make sure I came back even hungrier, and I think I have.”

The five-day break, Griffin acknowledged, came at the right time for a rookie who's still adapting to the more demanding pro football schedule.

“For a lot of the rookies, it’s been a long journey thus far,” Griffin said. “I think everybody needed that week to just get away. We wanted to go into the bye week with a win. [But] we didn’t.”

“A lot of guys went out and probably had to do some soul searching just to find themselves and come back hungry," the quarterback said.

Asked what a hungrier Robert Griffin “looks like,” the quarterback joked, “I’m really hungry right now talking to you guys.”

A reporter shot back, “Subway?” making reference to the sandwich shop Griffin endorses.

“Eat fresh,” he cracked.

“It’s just the attitude you bring,” Griffin added, turning serious again. “Whenever you do get away for a week, I thought I was hungry before the bye week. Then you come back and you realize just how much more energy you have with that week off.”

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