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Griffin ready to lead Redskins turnaround


Griffin ready to lead Redskins turnaround

NEW YORK -- Robert Griffin III has a fine line to walk.NFL rookies are usually seen and not heard. But quarterbacks are, by the nature of the position, the leaders of their teams. How is the 22-year-old Griffin going to go about taking the reigns of leadership for the Redskins?Like every other aspect of becoming an NFL quarterback, Griffin knows that it will take some time.Its a daily process, Griffin said about an hour after becoming the Redskins quarterback. Its not something where Ill go in Day One and theyll say, Hey, Robert, we believe in you, youre our guy. And some guys will be like that.But the Brian Orakpos and London Fletchers, the guys that are really staples of the Redskins team, I have to earn their trust, and I plan on doing that.Griffin plans on earning that trust by what he does, not by what he says.You come in and show the guys why they can trust in you, why they can believe in you, he said. Not just by saying hey, guys, you can trust me, you can believe in me.Why should they trust in you? Why should they believe in you? You have to go show them and not just say it. Because everybody can say something but not everybody can do it.Walking into a program, taking a leadership role, and reviving it is nothing new to Griffin. He went to Baylor, one of the laughingstocks of college football for many years. He started as a true freshman and helped turn that program around. Now he will take on doing the same for the Redskins, long an NFL punch line.Griffin believes that his Baylor experience prepared him for what he is about to face.Things in life build you up to other things, he said. Going to Baylor and then being able to succeed and help the program get back on its feet and even exceed what it had done in the past helps me do the same thing in Washington.But Griffin is not content with getting the Redskins back to where they were.Its not just about getting back to what the Redskins used to be its about trying to get better, he said.If Griffin can improve on the 10-year stretch the Redskins had from 1982-1991, when they won three Super Bowls and were perennially relevant in the NFL, most Redskins fans would be quite happy.

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A tribute to a fallen hero: CSNMA's top ten Vines of all time

A tribute to a fallen hero: CSNMA's top ten Vines of all time

There are 14,400 six-second increments in every day, which means a single six-second increment is usually not all that important. That all changed in January 2013, however, when Vine launched and turned any six second window into a place of endless possibilities. 

Sadly, on Thursday, Twitter announced that it was going to discontinue Vine, and the app was going to fade away in the near future. Vine's website will be kept online, but that shouldn't be taken as any sort of good news; once the app goes away, so, too, does the chance to create new material.

As our form of tribute to what's become a social media staple, here are the 10 best Vines CSNMA has captured in the past few years. Feel free to play this song as you begin watching to truly enhance the somber mood. 

10) If every state had an official Vine, like they do flags and mottos and birds, this would be Pennsylvania's state Vine:

9) When you have a goal, you have to give 110 percent to accomplish that goal. You have to fight for it, sacrifice for it and do anything to complete it. It should be all that you think about, from the second you wake up in the morning to the moment you close your eyes at night.

But, if you get tired after a few seconds, it's OK to move on:

8) Most bosses would terminate you the instant you gave them a purple nurple. Jay Gruden isn't most bosses.

7) Vine became really relevant about four years ago and lived a bright and intense life, but it looks like it's going to disappear far too soon.

Sounds a lot like this former Redskins quarterback:

6) Stephen A. Smith would disagree with the inclusion of this Vine:

5) When the Running Man phenomenon swept the nation a few months ago, a lot of people did the dance really well. Then you have these two:

4) Is it too late to get Alex Ovechkin on the presidential ticket? 

3) It takes a special person to essentially turn Bryce Harper into a muscular medal rack:

2) It should be a law that anyone who wants to play hockey must first view this Vine before deciding whether to actually pursue the sport:

1) CSNMA's Vine account has roughly 65 million views. This clip, which is the living embodiment of the phrase, "Right place, right time," has 45 million of those views. Kirk Cousins is to CSNMA's Vine views what Justin Bieber is to YouTube's video views:

Farewell, old friend.


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No promise on playing, but Jordan Reed, Josh Norman traveling to London with Redskins

No promise on playing, but Jordan Reed, Josh Norman traveling to London with Redskins

LONDON - Working their way through the NFL concussion protocol, the Redskins announced Thursday that tight end Jordan Reed and cornerback Josh Norman will travel with the team to London.

Cleared to practice and cleared to play are two different things, but it's certainly a good sign that Reed and Norman can fly over the Atlantic with the team.

Arguably the team's best two players, Reed hasn't played since sustaining a concussion in the win against Baltimore, though the tight end finished that game. Norman also suffered a concussion, but it came last week against the Lions.

It's interesting that Reed's concussion forced him to miss two games, where Norman might be able to play this week without missing any games. Keep in mind Reed's extensive concussions history could be a factor. 

On the season, Reed has 33 catches for 316 yards and two touchdowns, all numbers that led the team when he was injured. Norman has one interception and one forced fumble on the season.

Both players would be big help for Washington, especially Norman. The Bengals prominently feature A.J. Green, perhaps the best receiver in the NFL. Jay Gruden made clear he'd like Norman to cover Green, and with Thursday's news, perhaps the $75 million man will do just that.

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