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Griffin leads Redskins culture change with 'non-quarterbackish' plays


Griffin leads Redskins culture change with 'non-quarterbackish' plays

When asked what play he liked the most during Sundays game, Robert Griffin III didnt choose one of the several jaw-dropping passes he threw or one of his nifty runs. He coined a new term when he said that he liked something non-quarterbackish.So I did throw a block down the field, he said. I was pretty proud of that moment.That moment came in the third quarter on a second and 10 play from the Washington 36. Griffin handed off to Alfred Morris, who bounced out to the left. Griffin initially continued to jog out of the play as virtually every quarterback on the planet does virtually every time he hands off the ball.But as Morris broke to some daylight, Griffin flashed into the picture and started to provide an escort for Morris down the sideline. Its not exactly like Griffin threw a key, devastating block that spring Morris for additional yardage. In fact, as you can see in the screenshot fromNFL Game Rewindhere, Griffin (left) didnt even come into contact with anyone until Morris (right) was already well out of bounds.But that didnt matter. The quarterbacks act of going out there to block was far more important than any actual block Griffin might have thrown.Its little things like that, just trying to help the team win, Griffin explained. I probably wont be throwing blocks the whole time, but to show them that Im willingto sacrifice everything for them to help us win just one game, I think that goes a long way with your teammates.Griffin believes that a little extra hustle can go a long way. This isnt the only time he has done something similar.Early in training camp the offense was running drills in the red zone. Chris Cooley had the ball knocked out of his hands and linebacker Brian Kehl scooped up the ball and started to run towards the other end zone. He appeared to be on his way to a 95-yard touchdown return. Nobody on the offense gave chaseexcept Griffin.He took off, got the angle on Kehl, and knocked him out of bounds before he crossed the goal line.It just so happened that Griffin had his weekly media availability on that day. I dont want to scare the fans and let them think that Im going to go run down linebackers 30 yards down the field, but it happened, so whatever, he said. I think its more of a thing for the team to see I dont give up on the play. . . why give him a free touchdown? I ran him down because I could and pushed him out of bounds.Although football has changed a lot, its still a game of blocking and tackling. Having a quarterback who is willing and able to do both is the kind of thing that can change the culture of a team that has long had a habit of waiting for the other guy to do the dirty work or to make the big play.

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Redskins Hopkins named NFC special teams player of the week

Redskins Hopkins named NFC special teams player of the week

On Sunday Redskins kicker Dustin Hopkins booted five field goals against the Giants, including the game winner with 1:51 left to play. Today he received reccognition for his day. 

Hopkins was named NFC special teams player of the week, the first member of the Redskins to get the honor since Kai Forbath got in Week 8 in 2014. 

Hopkins has not missed a field goal all year, hitting 11 of 11. His 5 for 5 performance on Sunday tied the team record for field goals in a game without a miss, somthing that has been accomplished only five times. 

MORE REDSKINS: Junkies on Beckham Jr.: 'He's a wreck'

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The Sports Junkies on Odell Beckham Jr.: 'He's a wreck'

The Sports Junkies on Odell Beckham Jr.: 'He's a wreck'

On Sunday, Odell Beckham Jr. caught seven passes for 121 yards against the Redskins. However, also on Sunday, Odell Beckham Jr. got into a fight — and lost — with a piece of sideline equipment, had to be calmed down by Eli Manning and, at one point, looked like he was in tears.

Following the contest, Giants head coach Ben McAdoo made some comments about Beckham needing to become less of a distraction. So, during their Wednesday show, the Sports Junkies gave their take on whether or not the star receiver's behavior was an issue.

To put it simply, they roughed him up like that piece of sideline equipment from MetLife Stadium. 

LURCH: Of course it was... How is it not? How is it not a distraction?

CAKES: He was fighting with the practice net. Of course it's a distraction.

LURCH: He was screaming at everybody on the Giants' sideline.

CAKES: He was crying on the sideline.

E.B.: Why is it always a receiver?

LURCH: That guy's a mess.

E.B.: It's always a receiver.

CAKES: Because they're high-strung divas.

LURCH: He's a wreck.

E.B.: Receivers are the worst.

LURCH: He's a great player, but man, what a wreck he is.

Watch the full segment in the video player above to fully digest the Junkies' disgust, unless you're a Giants fan.