Giants' Rolle not talking trash this time around

Giants' Rolle not talking trash this time around
October 20, 2012, 11:00 am
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Antrel Rolle is not going to throw out any trash talk this time around.

Last September, after Washington beat the Giants in the season opener, Rolle went on his Tuesday afternoon radio show and dismissed the Redskins, saying that his team would beat them “95 times out of 100”.

Fast forward to last December just prior to the teams meeting for the second time. Rolle jumped on his radio show and upped the ante, saying that the Giants would win over the Redskins 99 out of 100 times. The trusty old scoreboard again made a fool of Rolle as Washington again beat the eventual Super Bowl champs.

This year, however, Rolle has stashed the false bravado and is heaping praise on Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III. He said that Griffin is a very different quarterback from the Eagles’ Michael Vick.

“They're two totally different quarterbacks and I think that their game as far as their offensive approach is extremely different,” he told WFAN. “RGIII, as you know, he can run the ball. I think he runs the ball a lot more than Michael Vick. I mean, he's a fast guy. He has a very, very strong arm and I think he's an all-around quarterback and he's going to get better with time."

It appears that Rolle has learned his lesson—perhaps with some not-so gentle persuasion from coach Tom Coughlin—but it sure makes for boring radio and does not give us bloggers much fodder.