Fred Smoot returns fire at Steve Smith

Fred Smoot returns fire at Steve Smith
December 1, 2013, 3:15 pm
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Remember when Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith said he "destroyed" Fred Smoot's NFL career? Well Smoot did, and he did not agree, calling the receiver a liar. 

Smoot, who played nine years as a cornerback with Minnesota and Washington, responded to Smith's claims on 106.7 The Fan by admitting Smith got the better end of a matchup in a 2005 game but that no way ruined his career. 

"I think he’s a bully. Actually, I think he’s a weak bully at that," Smoot said of Smith. "And I’ll be honest with that. I don’t care about saying that. He’s Steve Incognito to me. I call him Steve ‘Pinocchio’ Smith, cause he’s a liar. He went on national TV and lied. He’s a liar."

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Smoot said that Smith likes to act tough while on the field because he knows teammates and referees will stop any real fighting. Smoot said that Smith would not want to be in an actual fight. 

"Put it like this, if I’m in a dark alley and I’m [going to] fight a couple guys, I don’t want Steve Smith with me,” Smoot said. “He’s nothing but a talker, he’s soft. Come to Mississippi with that. That’s what you do. You come to Mississippi and we’ll teach you a couple lessons out there. We’ll show you how to be tough. He’s not tough. He wants to fight everybody in front of everybody, when he knows everybody’s gonna break the fight up, do this, do that."

Smoot played college football at MIssissippi State, and said he knew Smith coming out of college.

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Smith made his comments on ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike show, saying that he ruined Smoot's career during a 2005 game when Smoot was on the Minnesota Vikings. That day Smoot covered Smith, and the receiver had more than 200 yards receiving and a touchdown. 

Between Smith and Smoot, two men known for talking, expect more to come. It's Smith's turn now.