Fletcher: 'He's emerging as the leader'

Fletcher: 'He's emerging as the leader'
December 10, 2012, 1:15 pm
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London Fletcher on RG3's leadership

Sunday, the Redskins had a tremendous comeback victory versus the Ravens. A win in which they could have lost their most valuable player, Robert Griffin III for the rest of the season.

Redskins fans can rest a little easier, however, as the MRI performed on his right knee came back 'clear.' However, there is no official word yet on if Griffin will be at the helm in Cleveland.

If the choice were up to Griffin, he will play, saying post game, "I’ll still be able to run and do those things if it’s just a really bad bruise, and then if it is anything else, like I told Coach, I’ll fight through it, and I’ll be playing next week.”

If there is any player that knows about fighting through pain and gritty play, it's London Fletcher. As the burgundy and gold's resident iron man (and perhaps the NFL's as well) Fletcher extended his consecutive games streak to 237 Sunday, despite a nagging ankle sprain. So when the 15 year vet praises a player for their toughness, his words are just slightly more poignant,

"He's a great player, he has great leadership skills, great toughness. You know, it says a lot about him, he's emerging as the leader of this team and the reason being it's not because  of what he says, but what he does - week in and week out with his performance on and off the field. Everyone saw the shot the he took, but for him to come will himself back out there and you know you can tell he really didn't want to come out of the game...that goes a long way, that resonates with your football team. You know, that's what we need."

With or without Griffin, the Redskins will need all they help they can get as they continue their improbable playoff push...