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In fantasy rankings, scroll down, down for Redskins


In fantasy rankings, scroll down, down for Redskins

Football season is about three months away, which means fantasy football season is about three months away. Which means those looking ahead are ranking NFL players already.

Foxsports.com has put together its top 200, and if youre a Redskins fan, you might be inclined to scroll through it, looking for your guys. So go ahead keep going a bit more

There you go, the first Redskin, at No. 56, running back Roy Helu. He might have ranked higher, but his coach has a bad reputation among fantasy players. As a fantasy analyst wrote: Mike Shanahan is well-known for his constant torment of fantasy owners by constantly sharing carries and mixing them up seemingly at random.

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Boom, at No. 78, tight end Fred Davis. And then, at No. 79, what have we here? Robert Griffin III.

RG3 is ahead of a bunch of quarterbacks, including Joe Flacco (90), Andy Dalton (109) and the fellow taken at No. 1 in the draft, Andrew Luck (112).

Now, this is fantasy football were talking about, not real football, so the potential value of Griffin as a QB on your fantasy team doesnt directly correlate to his potential value as the QB of your actual football team that you root for every Sunday.

However, its interesting to note the large gap between RG3 and Luck in these rankings. It could reflect some of the thinking weve seen elsewhere about who will have more success initially in the NFL.

But at least fantasy owners dont have to worry about Shanahan forcing Griffin to share the way he does with running backs.

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3 of 4 Redskins named to Pro Bowl won't attend

3 of 4 Redskins named to Pro Bowl won't attend

Ryan Kerrigan, Jordan Reed and Brandon Scherff will skip next week's Pro Bowl in Orlando a team spokesman confirmed to CSN. All three players dealt with injuries late in the season, most notably Reed, and playing in the exhibition game is not in the cards. Trent Williams, however, is still slated to play in the game. 

Reed suffered a separated shoulder on Thanksgiving playing against the Dallas Cowboys. For the rest of the season, Reed played through significant pain and his production dipped.

Kerrigan played much of the season with an injured elbow and hurt his finger in the final game against the Giants. Scherff played with ankle pain and was listed on the injury report much of the season's final four games.

For Reed and Scherff, this year marked their first Pro Bowl. The recognition was deserved for both players, and shows that the guard and tight end are gaining national spotlight for their play.

Kerrigan played in the Pro Bowl following the 2012 season. He finished this year with 11 sacks, 2.5 short os his career high 13.5 in 2014. 


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Mic picks up Packers trainer telling Cowboys' Tony Romo 'you deserve better'

Mic picks up Packers trainer telling Cowboys' Tony Romo 'you deserve better'

When longtime Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo lost his starting job to rookie Dak Prescott, there was general consensus that Prescott won the job fair and square when Romo got injured.

Romo himself said as much. But there are still people around the NFL who feel Dallas didn't do right by their 10-year starter. 

As Romo was leaving the field after the Cowboys lost to the Packers in the playoffs, Pepper Burruss, Green Bay's director of sports medicine, approached him. A microphone picked up Burruss saying what sounds like, "You deserve better." 

Take a listen. 

It's possible Burruss could have meant something else, like Romo deserved better injury luck. Maybe. 

Also keep in mind that Romo may have been leaving the field as a Cowboy for the final time of his career. What a note to leave on...

The 36-year-old has said he still wants an opportunity to start in the NFL. That won't happen in Dallas, so it's likely he'll move on to another team this offseason. 

According to Adam Schefter on ESPN Radio, the Cowboys may be willing to trade Romo to the team of his choice. 

Speculation has linked him to the Broncos, Bears, Jets and Texans.

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