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In fantasy rankings, scroll down, down for Redskins


In fantasy rankings, scroll down, down for Redskins

Football season is about three months away, which means fantasy football season is about three months away. Which means those looking ahead are ranking NFL players already.

Foxsports.com has put together its top 200, and if youre a Redskins fan, you might be inclined to scroll through it, looking for your guys. So go ahead keep going a bit more

There you go, the first Redskin, at No. 56, running back Roy Helu. He might have ranked higher, but his coach has a bad reputation among fantasy players. As a fantasy analyst wrote: Mike Shanahan is well-known for his constant torment of fantasy owners by constantly sharing carries and mixing them up seemingly at random.

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Boom, at No. 78, tight end Fred Davis. And then, at No. 79, what have we here? Robert Griffin III.

RG3 is ahead of a bunch of quarterbacks, including Joe Flacco (90), Andy Dalton (109) and the fellow taken at No. 1 in the draft, Andrew Luck (112).

Now, this is fantasy football were talking about, not real football, so the potential value of Griffin as a QB on your fantasy team doesnt directly correlate to his potential value as the QB of your actual football team that you root for every Sunday.

However, its interesting to note the large gap between RG3 and Luck in these rankings. It could reflect some of the thinking weve seen elsewhere about who will have more success initially in the NFL.

But at least fantasy owners dont have to worry about Shanahan forcing Griffin to share the way he does with running backs.

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New #RedskinsTalk Podcast - Duke Ihenacho opens up about playing time and Mexican food

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New #RedskinsTalk Podcast - Duke Ihenacho opens up about playing time and Mexican food

On the latest episode of #RedskinsTalk The Podcast, safety Duke Ihenacho opens up about injuries and playing time - and his love of Mexican food. 

Click here for the #RedskinsTalk Podcast on iTunes or press play below.

Want more Redskins? Check out @JPFinlayCSN for live updates.

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Redskins' Josh Norman planning celebration that puts NFL in awkward spot

Redskins' Josh Norman planning celebration that puts NFL in awkward spot

Redskins cornerback Josh Norman is already an All-Pro antagonist, but according to a Thursday report from For The Win, his best work is yet to come. 

Norman was forced to abandon his favorite bow and arrow celebration after getting fined by the NFL. But he has divised a clever replacement that sets the league up to look hypocritical. 

"Since they sell beer on TV while kids are watching it, I’m thinking I might open a keg on the field, and I’m going to drink it on the field," Norman told Charlotte Wilder of FTW after Thursday's practice. "And I don’t see that being on the rule book.”

Of course, his bow and arrow gesture wasn't explicitly banned in the rule book, neither was tight end Vernon Davis' jump shot celebration, but both got penalized anyway. 

Except this time, the outspoken corner thinks he has the NFL, well, cornered. If encouraging people to drink beer in commercial breaks is cool, then pretending to drink beer on the field must be cool too, right?

“I mean, you’re selling ads on TV, so why can’t my celebration be legal? It’s a catch-22, man. These guys are serious.”

There's only one snag in Norman's plan: it's not exactly clear what he's doing in the celebration he demonstated. He pantomimed opening a keg, tapping it and hoisting it above his head to drink from it. 

But what if people don't get it? He'll just explain afterward, he assured Wilder. 

Norman might consider pretending to pop the tab on a can of beer and drink it on the field. Seems more straight forward, but then again, I'm not the master troll here. 

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