Did Garçon let word slip on RG3's status?

Did Garçon let word slip on RG3's status?
December 11, 2012, 10:15 am
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Redskins receiver Pierre Garçon is making the rounds on the ESPN shows this morning and he may have just broken some big news.

Talking about Sunday’s game in Cleveland with anchor Bram Weinstein on SportsCenter, Garçon said, “We have a little bit tougher of a task with Kirk starting.”

“We have to play well around Kirk so Kirk doesn’t feel like he has to save the team and help him to be a comfortable as possible.”

He was talking about rookie backup quarterback Kirk Cousins, of course. If Cousins is indeed starting, that would mean that Robert Griffin III will sit out the game in Cleveland.

Mike Shanahan said in a news conference yesterday that he “definitely” did not rule Griffin out for Sunday’s game. However, it is possible that internally the team believes that Griffin will not be able to play and that word has spread among the players.

It’s also possible that Garçon either misspoke, projecting a hypothetical to next Sunday. He was given a chance to backtrack by Weinstein but he didn’t offer a clarification or revision of what he said.

“Well, we have to prepare for the worst,” he said.