Despite turnovers, Jerry Jones supports Romo

Despite turnovers, Jerry Jones supports Romo
December 19, 2013, 5:00 pm
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With a 3-11 record, the Redskins have lost in nearly every possible way this season. They've been blown out, coughed up leads, and almost everything in between. But no Washington loss this year looked like Dallas last week against Green Bay.

The Cowboys had a three touchdown lead in the second half, and proceeded to lose to a team quarterbacked by Matt Flynn. A big part of the collapse came from turnovers, and a big part of the turnovers came from Cowboys QB Tony Romo.

Romo has a reputation: he likes pretty blondes and he throws fourth-quarter interceptions. Last Sunday against Green Bay his beautiful blonde wife saw her Cowboys quarterback husband throw yet another fourth quarter pick.

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This week on a Dallas radio station Cowboys owner Jerry Jones defended his $100 million QB, saying that Romo must maintain his aggressive play regardless of the interceptions.

"It was probably one you could take back and should take back," Jones said. "But still, I understand. I think it's a toss-up there as to who was at fault there."

For the season Romo has only thrown nine interceptions, yet they seem to come at crucial times for his team. His interception on the Cowboys final drive against Green Bay cost his team a chance to win, and most NFL fans remember Romo's pick against the Broncos earlier in the season.

Still, Jones remains undeterred by his quarterback.

"Make no mistake about it: With where we are with our personnel, we're going to have to take risks."

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