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In-depth chart: Linebackers


In-depth chart: Linebackers

The Redskins 90-man offseason roster is set, at least for the time being. Its time to take a look at who they have, who will start, and who will be around when the Sept. 9 opener in New Orleans rolls around.Weve looked the the offensive backs, the line.and the receivers and tight ends on that side of the ball and at the defensive line. Today we put the linebackers under the microscope.Outside linebackerStarters: Brian Orakpo, Ryan Kerrigan
Reserves: Rob Jackson, Markus White, Chris Wilson
Fighting for a job: Monte LewisRarely is a position set in stone in May but this one may well be. Orakpo, a two-time Pro Bowl performer will get at least 90 percent of the snaps on the right side. Kerrigan, who could be a Pro Bowler if they continue to play the game, will play nearly every snap on the left side.Jackson seemed to do something to get noticed every time he took the field in relief of Orakpo. As a rookie, White made a nice transition from college defensive end to NFL outside linebacker, especially considering that he didnt have any offseason work due to the lockout. Those two and Wilson will compete for inclusion on the active list from week to week.The Redskins could decide to squeeze a roster spot here and go with only four outside backers since Lorenzo Alexander, who is learning the inside, could move back to his old outside spot in a pinch. If that happens, White probably would be safe as he is younger and has three more years left on his contract. Wilson and Jackson are both free agents after the season is over.Inside linebackerStarters: Perry Riley, London Fletcher
Reserves: Lorenzo Alexander, Jonathan Goff, Keenan Robinson
Fighting for a job: Donnell Holt, Bryan Kehl, Brian McNallyRiley and Fletcher both are three-down inside linebackers, a rarity in todays NFL. Fletcher, of course, is a proven performer over the long term and with his new contract he is set for the next two seasons. Riley showed some flashes of big-play ability last year and his aim is to develop more consistency.Alexander is the special teams captain and, as noted above, he is learning the inside positions so he can become a true utility player. The Redskins drafted Robinson with the thought of making him Fletchers successor in 2014 so he should make the roster but he could well spend much of the season on the inactive list.Goff is only 26 and he brings 20 starts and 37 total games of experience with him from the Giants. He could be the first player off of the bench in case of injury.Kehl is also relatively young (27) and has playing experience (57 games with the Giants and Rams). But he would appear to be the odd man out.

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Is Tony Romo fat? An investigation

Is Tony Romo fat? An investigation

Is Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo fat? That's the question of the day on the NFL Internet. 

It all started with this photo of the 36-year-old jogging onto the field at the start of training camp. 

At first glance, yes, Romo does look quite porcine. The 6-foot-2 veteran has been listed at 230 pounds, significantly slimmer than this image would suggest. 

Could missing the second half of last season with a fractured collar bone have kept him from staying in shape? Twitter, of course, had jokes. 

Laughs aside, it's hard to determine from a single image whether someone has gained weight. Any number of factors can make a person look fat. Angle, lighting, the way clothes hang, etc. 

In this case, it seems some confluence of those forces created a misleading shot. Here's another from that same moment. 

Yeah, not so fat here. 

Cowboys alum Michael Irvin also insisted that he'd seen Romo recently and he looked "fine."

The verdict of our investigation: unflattering photo, nothing to see here. Let's all go back to picking at Eddie Lacy, shall we?

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Redskins name Bobby Beathard to Ring of Fame

Redskins name Bobby Beathard to Ring of Fame

RICHMOND—The Redskins are making one more key contributor to their glory years a member of the team’s Ring of Fame.

When the Redskins host the Vikings on November 13, a plaque with the name of Bobby Beathard will be unveiled during a halftime ceremony.

Beathard becomes the 49th member of the Ring of Fame.

“His resume is more than impressive,” said Redskins President Bruce Allen when making the announcement.

And indeed it is. Beathard served as the Redskins’ general manager from 1978-1989. Perhaps his single best move was hiring Joe Gibbs as the team’s head coach in 1981. Gibbs was an obscure offensive coordinator for the Chargers but Beathard saw something in him. In 12 seasons Gibbs took the Redskins to four Super Bowls, taking home three titles.

Beathard brought in talent to fit Gibbs’ philosophy. He brought in four of the offensive linemen who became the famed Hogs, drafting Mark May and Russ Grimm and signing Joe Jacoby and Jeff Bostic as free agents. Prior to Gibbs’ arrival Beathard drafted Hall of Fame wide receiver Art Monk and in 1983 he took another Canton enshrinee, cornerback Darrell Green.

In all, Beathard acquired 12 players who ended up in the Ring of Fame. It’s about time that he joined them.

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Doctson reacts to hearing his injury was reason Scot McCloughan punched a wall

Doctson reacts to hearing his injury was reason Scot McCloughan punched a wall

Redskins rookie WR Josh Doctson sounds like his Achilles is feeling better and improving rapidly, but he's not so sure about GM Scot McCloughan's left hand. After opening training camp on the PUP list, Doctson said Friday evening that he expects to be back before training camp but must wait until he is 100 percent. 

"I'm feeling good," Docston said. 

Asked about the story that McCloughan hurt his hand punching a wall upon hearing the news that Doctson might be out as much as three months with the injury, Doctson laughed.

"I thought he was playing around but he was being for real," the rookie said.

Doctson said the three month report was just wrong.

"It was just speculation," he said. "It wasn’t anything to be scared about because I know my body. I know it's not that long [until I return]."


His actual return, however, remains a question. Doctson said he wished he could get back on the field immediately but he knows he needs to wait until his leg is 100 percent. 

"That's the plan, try to come back as soon as I can. If I could come back tomorrow I would."

The good news for Doctson is that he is able to learn a lot being on the sidelines. It's also important to remember that with DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garçon and Jameson Crowder, there is no urgent need for Doctson to play as a rookie. Not to suggest the team doesn't want his blend of size and athleticism on the field, but Washington is able to be patient with the rookie.

"I get to really sit back and watch Pierre, DeSean, Crowder, all those boys," Doctson said. "It's really a blessing in disguise."

Asked one more time about his GM's reaction to his injury, Doctson said he had never heard about something like that.

"That might be a first."