In-depth chart: Defensive backs

In-depth chart: Defensive backs
May 25, 2012, 10:06 am
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The Redskins 90-man offseason roster is set, at least for the time being. Its time to take a look at who they have, who will start, and who will be around when the Sept. 9 opener in New Orleans rolls around.Weve looked the the offensive backs, the line.and the receivers and tight ends on that side of the ball and at the defensive line and linebackers. Today we put the defensive backs under the microscope.CornerbackStarters: DeAngelo Hall, Josh Wilson
Reserves: Cedric Griffin, Leigh Torrence
Fighting for a job: Kevin Barnes, Brandyn Thompson, Richard Crawford, Chase MinnifieldIt will be interesting to see how Hall will play if the Redskins can get into a substantial lead in games on other than rare occasions. His gambling style works much better in those circumstances. Wilson got better and better as last year went on and he became more comfortable in the defense.I put Griffin and Torrence in as the nickel and dime backs but almost any of the players in the fighting for a job line could wind up there as well and it would not be a shock. Barnes held the nickel job last year but his play led the team to sign Griffin and Torrence and to draft Crawford to try to replace him.Minnifield will be worth watching. He was projected to be a third-round pick but microfracture surgery on his knee pushed him all the way off the draft board.SafetyStarters: Tanard Jackson, Brandon Meriweanther
Reserves: DeJon Gomes, Madieu Williams
Fighting for a job: Reed Doughty, Josh Bernstine, Travon BellamyThe picture here is even more fluid than it is a corner. Jackson and Meriweather are not entrenched as the starters by any means. Meriweather, in fact, is not a solid lock to even make the team.If everything works out well here then Jackson, with his shoulder injury healed, will improve his tackling--he was one of the worst-tackling safeties in the NFL last year--and Meriweather will regain the form that made him a starter for three years in New England. But only time will tell if things will work out that way.It will be hard to keep Doughty off of the roster since he can do so much but they didnt bring in Jackson, Meriweather, and Williams because they were wild about his play at safety. Gomes didnt embarrass himself when he got some play at safety in the latter half of last year. But hell have to do better than not be a disaster to get substantial playing time this year.Williams is a top-notch person and locker room guy but it remains to be seen if he will be occupying a locker later when the roster is cut to 53.