DeAngelo Hall requests meeting with Commissioner

DeAngelo Hall requests meeting with Commissioner
October 29, 2012, 5:15 pm
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DeAngelo Hall and Coach Mike Shanahan met Monday to discuss the cornerback’s outburst – and subsequent ejection – late in the team’s loss to the Steelers, Shanahan said.

“I’ve sat down with DeAngelo and looked at the clip and had a good conversation with him,” said Shanahan, who declined to go into further detail.

Shanahan did, however, confirm that Hall hopes to discuss the ejection with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. It’s believed Hall has requested a meeting with Goodell in an effort to avoid further punishment from the league. The veteran was assessed two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for berating an official after he was flipped to the ground by wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

Shanahan said Hall did a good job maintaining his composure up until he removed his helmet, which was followed by a profanity-laced tirade directed at head linesman Dana Mckenzie.

“There should have been a flag thrown on Sanders,” Shanahan said. “There’s no question about it being a foul, and it would have stopped everything. But a flag wasn’t thrown.”

The coach added of Sanders’ wrestling-like block on Hall: “That was a full nelson, and a complete flip. And the next thing you’re not supposed to do as a football player is ever chest bump somebody or speak into somebody helmet or face. That’s a personal foul as well.”

Shanahan said he was not clear on the details of Hall’s request to meet with Goodell. The league’s offices in New York were closed Monday and Tuesday, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

“Any time you’re kicked out of a game, you’re ejected, there’s always a chance of [being suspended] a game or two, depending on what [league officials] decide,” Shanahan said. “I just don’t know what that is until they talk to us.”