Darrell Green questions leadership of RG3

Darrell Green questions leadership of RG3
November 15, 2013, 2:15 pm
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A Redskins legend from the Super Bowl glory days is questioning the ability of his former team’s current legend in the making to lead the Redskins.

Hall of Fame cornerback Darrell Green appeared on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” this week and he seemed to be rather bearish when taking about the future of quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Green was asked about the overall state of the team. “It’s not very good,” the Hall of Famer said. “It’s not very good….I think that it’s been rough, but it looks like the kid — and I’m talking about RGIII — it looks like he’s starting to get it back. But I just feel so bad that you would have a system where it’s all predicated on this guy running. He’s the second rusher on the team. It doesn’t work, in my opinion.”

Here, Green echoes what many have said about what Griffin. It is conventional wisdom that he needs to develop into more of a pocket passer if he is going to last in the league and if the Redskins are going to win a Super Bowl.

But then the subject turned to the leadership of the team.

“I think that’s the problem,” Green answered. “I think it’s super important to have leadership, and I don’t think he really is the leader.”

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Co-host Chris Collinsworth countered later by saying, “Robert Griffin is an unbelievable leader. Teams are built now around first-, second- and third-year players. They’re the great majority of the players on the team. And Robert Griffin is the guy that’s gonna take them where they want to go.”

Most around Redskins Park, including virtually any player you talk to, tend to lean more with Collinsworth’s view. Some offensive players were upset when asked about what Green said. "We voted that guy captain because we believe in him.That guy is a (expletive) leader in a big way," one offensive player said.

One thing to consider is that Green played in an era when quarterbacks didn’t even get off of the bench until their third or fourth seasons in the league. It might be hard for him to accept the concept that a 23-year-old can be the leader of an NFL team.

We will see if Green changes his tune in future comments.